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What Is Recovery?

Recovery is an intensely personal experience that is hard to define in a general way. There are multiple pathways to recovery including: treatment, spirituality, natural, criminal justice interventions, support from individuals, and/or family, mutual assistance groups, and recovery community centers. Everyone's journey results in their own unique recovery experience. Therefore, recovery has many definitions and it is hard to agree on one single method. It goes beyond abstinence alone to include hope, resilience, health, wellness, family, friends, and community. Recovery starts when a person begins to make better choices about his or her overall wellness.

  • -Melissa

    Recovery to me means my continued daily self-awareness, reflection, and connection with others.

  • -Jared

    Recovery is learning to live in this moment as it is.

  • -Terrance

    To me recovery means accepting and letting go of my past, to heal and grow.

  • -Dustin

    Letting go of the past and moving forward with positive change.

  • -Kevin

    Refrain from all substances, changing one’s life.

  • -Phil

    Improving life in every aspect.

  • -Glen

    Learning to improve life without use of drugs.

  • -Cindy

    Using positive measures to make positive changes.  Any positive change.

  • -Stephen

    Earning back what I have given away.

  • -Howard


  • -Chandel

    Focusing on a healthy mindset to adapt to life and its cycles.

  • -Ashley

    Recovery is acceptance, changing your thinking, behaviors, and actions that you put into your life.

  • -Sarah

    Better life.

  • -Phil

    Another Chance at life.

  • -Michelle

    Mind Free.

  • -Clarence


  • -Patrick

    Another Chance at life.